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International Journal of Innovative Research in
Management, Engineering and Technology

VOLUME - 3 : ISSUE - 3

Design and Development of Quadra Chakki Mill A mill that can save 40% of power and space with food safety enhancement
S. Sharanya, Vibhuti Choyal, Shri Vishvakarma
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160203001

Pharmacon Dispensing Robot in Pharmacy
M. Sathiyapriya, R. Anitha, M. Surendiran, K. Meyvel, L. Manivannan
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160203002

Patient Serving Robot
Anitha Rajendran, Anupriya Kesavamoorthy, Aravind Mohan, Gokul Rajasekar, Dr. K. B. Jayanthi
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160203003

Portable And Inexpensive Hemoglobin Testing Device Based On The Beer Lambert’s Law Proposed methodology and a comparative study on the basis on portability and cost
Rashika Jain, C. Likith Kumar
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160203004

Portable And Inexpensive Hemoglobin Testing Device Based On The Beer Lambert’s Law
K. Saranya, P. Indira Priya
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160203005

Development Of Scanning Mechanism For User Developed Applications From Vulnerabilities
T.Nivetha (M.E), Dr.G.Srinivasan M.E Phd
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160203006

Providing Restrictions Against Attack And Congestion Control In Public Infrastructure Clouds
S.Gayathrri ,M.E, Dr.N.Saravanan, M.E,Ph.D,
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160203007

Analysis Of Turboshaft Engine-Low Power Margin
D. Sasindra Reddy, K. Pavan Kumar, Y. Manikanta, B. Prasanna Sai, E.T Chullai
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160203008

Smart Glass for Visually Challenged Person’s
Baskar V, Aarthi N, Jeya Prakash K, Manikandan P, Sivakumar P
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160203009

Research on Agile Based Project Lifecycle Management System
Arjun G, Pandiaraj
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602030010

A Review On Evaluating Determinism In Industrial Ethernet Of Certain Designs
Bharghavi M P, Jenyfal Sampson
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602030011

Computerized Interactive Adroit Mirror
Dhanabalan, Sudharsan, Baslis Divya, Venkatesh, Gayathri
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602030012

Air Traffic Control Pre-Landing And Post Landing Process (Climatology Analysis And Touch Down Aviation)
M. Anusiya Preethi, M.Aishwarya, R.Menaka, Dr. P. Sivakumar
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602030013

Secured Analysis Of Iatric Data Using Homomorphic Encryption
Ranjitha.R, Swedha.B, Sowmiya.P
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602030014

Experimental Study On Strength Characteristics Of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete
R.Revathi, M.Prasath, M.Nethaji, G.Maniraja, N.Prabhakar
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602030015

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