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International Journal of Innovative Research in
Management, Engineering and Technology

VOLUME - 1 : ISSUE - 8

A Study On Knowledge And Achievement In Physics Practical Among Higher Secondary Students
Selvakumar S
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160408001

Preparation of Questionnaire for Training Needs Analysis of Construction Project
Abhinav ,Kum Kum moni
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160408003

The Utilization Of Can Spend As Fiber And Likewise The Addition Of Commute Ash To Mechanical Attribute Of Concrete
Arun ,Pandey
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160408002

Design And Practical Limitations In Earthquake Resistant Structures And Feedback
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160408004

Geotechnical investigation of the proposed transhipment in the Great Nicobar Island
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160408005

Analytical Study On Soil-Pile Interaction Effect Within The Variation Of Natural Regularity Of A Pile That Is Single
Ghanshyam ,Dhesingh
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160408006

Appari’s Design Of Fan For Rasidential Bulildings And Wind Mills
Gopal Das,Arumugam
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160408007

Effect of Temperature on Durability of High
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160408008

Testing of Foamed Modified Bitumen for Quality Assurance
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160408009

Comparison of Maximum Dry Density Optimum Moisture Content and Strength of Granular Soils Operating Various Ways of Compaction
Selvakumar S,vijayan
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1604080010

Program Of Synthetic Intelligence To Foretell Compressive Force Of Concrete From Combine Design Parameters: A Engineering That's Structural Program
Jagdish ,patel
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1604080011

Comparative Analysis of Strength of Concrete Produced from Different aggregates that are fine
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1604080012

A research on danger evaluation and its particular administration in Asia
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1604080013

Dewatering of Marine Clay using Electrokinetic Geosynthetics
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1604080014

Estimation of the event that is present Parameters sing Successive Sampling Approach
Khaleel,sarvesh kumar chauhaun
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1604080015

Effect of Size and Gradation of Crusher Stone and Crusher Dust Particles in Flexible Pavement Construction
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1604080016

Enter-Output power and financial review of Strawberry Manufacturing in Iran
Purushottam,anu ruppa
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1604080017

Electrochemical Treatment Tech In Biodigester Effluent Treatment (Bde)
Rameshwar,arun kumar
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1604080018

Geocasting and Multicasting Routing system in mobile ad Hoc network
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1604080019

Experimental Research on Effect of Shear Connector in Lightweight Concrete
Som Nath,karthick
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1604080020

Improved Load Carrying Ability Of Roofing Elements
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1604080021

Technical Review of peephole procedure in compiler to optimize rule that's intermediate
Uttam ,Kabir
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1604080022

Effective Energy Allocation Strategy Based Co-Operative Companies
Vikrant,Bheem singh
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1604080023

Finite Element Review Of 99.60 M Tall Roller Compacted Concrete (Rcc) Gravity Dam - Unique Focus On Dynamic Analysis
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1604080024

Enhancement in performance of residential building in green viewpoint – A review
Wahid,Ahmeed khan
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1604080025

Effectation of duplicated Earthquakes in the tutorial tuition constructing in Northern Sumatra
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1604080026

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