The main aim of the project is to assist the blind person without human need. To overcome the travelling difficulty for the visually impaired people. It is well known that the blind people carry a hand stick with them whenever they need a support. Sometimes, when they use this stick there is no guarantee that the person is safe in reaching their destination. There may be an obstacle in their path but it’s not encountered with the person by the help of stick. For this reason, the device has been developed and provide them a clear identification by using the glass. Thus, the person may be safe and secure, if the obstacles is big enough or dangerous. The device consists of Webcam, Microprocessor and Battery mounted on the frame of glass. With the help of open CV method, the processor gets real time objects identification using the webcam and check with the database for shape of the object. If the shape of the object is matched with the database, it gives the voice intimation. Thus, the user will change his direction to avoid any kind of injury.

Key Words: Visually impaired people, Glass, Webcam, Microprocessor, Headphone, Battery.