Now a days, the most required one for modern airports is advanced landing technology for accident free air traffic. The proposed design focuses on safe landing of aircraft during end of flying state called Touchdown point (TDP). The most frequent air accidents have been recorded during the End of Flying State (EFS), statistical data available and states that more than 90 percent of flight accidents are happening at EFS. Advanced landing technology is the most essential and required for modern airports to reduce time of activities and to improve quality and accident free air traffic. TDP is the most important parameter which determines to take decision on speed deceleration of aircraft by employing various brake methodology during landing. The TDP information must be passed to the Air Traffic Control (ATC) room and must be again communicated to the aircraft to control its actuators to reduce speed in accordance with the metrological conditions of the concerned Airport and TDP. Various technologies were introduced from the beginning and each technology has its own advantages and disadvantages. When application is concerned and various metrological changes, most of the existing technologies don’t suits to the most frequent landings in metro-cities. Most of the recent researches are done on safe landing by making some gear system, looking for the convenient parameters. Here we have interfaced both the pre-landing process and the post landing process for the aircraft safe landing and takeoff. This research mainly concentrated on climatology and the touchdown point (TDP). Our Proposed design would develop an integrate system, and to provide an economic solution for perfect landing. The art embedded controller technology has been employed to demonstrate the reality of proposed plan. This consists of parameters like temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction which should be known before landing. This design helps Air Traffic Services [ATS] for controlling smooth landing of many aircrafts in the airport.

Keywords—Air traffic control(ATC),Touch down point(TDP), End of flying state(EFS), Air traffic service(ATS), Instrument Landing System (ILS), Ground Support Data (GSD)