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International Journal of Innovative Research in
Management, Engineering and Technology

VOLUME - 1 : ISSUE - 6

Atrio-Ventricular Beat Classification Of Ecg Based On Semisupervised Method
Keerthana P S, Gopika Gopinath V
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160406001

Detection Of Arrhythmia By Ecg Signal And Its Implementation
Sinju N P, Arun A V
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160406002

A Model for Suppresion of Mixed Gaussian-Impulse Noise In VOIP Systems
Avila Vincent, Anshad A.S
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160406003

FPGA Implementation Of Real Time Controller Based Flight Termination System
Rashmi.V.R, Mrs,Anooja.B
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160406004

A Modular FPGA Implementation Of Reliable Pulse Generator
Sruthi C S, Sreejith S
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160406005

Pores And Skin Most Cancers Detection Gadget Using Artificial Neural Networks
Nahan Rahman M.K, Athira M.A
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160406006

Color Normalization Approach To Histo-Pathology Images
Athira M.A, Nahan Rahman M.K
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160406007

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