Now-a-days, agile methodology based project lifecycle management system is getting popular among the software developers as its development takes a shorter term of period compared to other technologies. Document based traditional approaches does not fit the agile methodology in terms of quality and progress. Hence, a new project life cycle management system has been developed based on a new communication criteria. This methodology concentrates on the correlation between the communication process and the project development stages. The main theme of this model is to maintain a better communication that brings out a high quality products progress in projects. With respect to the communication ratio over the time chart, this model is considered useful in the calculation of the project iteration stages. Based on the outputs from the test runs, it is assured that a strong From results of test experiments, we assured that a strong relationship could be built between the communication ratios and quality of the products. Also this model was tested with some projects and its features were ensured on the communication basis.

Keywords — Management agile, scrum, spring framework, angular, feature driven development.