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International Journal of Innovative Research in
Management, Engineering and Technology

VOLUME - 1 : ISSUE - 4

Image Cloning Research Challenges
Krupali R. Patel, Pranav Lapsiwala
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160404001

Pixel Based Intra Prediction Scheme For Video Coding
Mitesh B. Prajapati, Nehal N. Shah
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160404002

Retrieve Similar Facial Images Using Auto Face Annotation Technique
Mr. Akshay Keshwatkar, Mr. Radhakrishnan k
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160404003

Automatic Bottle Filling System
Juliya KV, Mohammed Anas MV , Mubarak, Muhammed Hazil
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160404004

Gas Leakage Detection System Using Microcontroller
Rajalakshmi U Nair , Sreelakshmi O R , Syam Prasad K, Vasyakrishnan M, Nitha P K
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160404005

Temperature Controlled Dc Fan Using Thermistor
Athira M , Navas A , Priyanka K , Souparnika P
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160404006

Abdul Salam A , Rashid O , Rahul KR Yashwanth , Sruthy K
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160404007

Wireless Notice Board Using Arduino & GSM
Jishnu S , Raouf AP , Sufail UK , Vishnu Dinesh Nair , Shahana M
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160404008

Fingerprint Attendance System
Nikhil P.P , Niyas A.P, Noorjahan P , Vaisagh M.P , Nicy V.B
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160404009

Real Time Error Detection Service for Scale Free Network Systems using MapReduce
Dakshata Supadu Patil, [2]Prof. Rahul Gaikwad
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160404010

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