This Gas detection system is a very important process in industrial and domestic applications. A gas detector detects different combustible gas in an area, usually as a part of safety system. Gas leakage can seriously affect the performance of an industrial process. A gas detection system can also sound as an alarm in an area where the leak is happening and can give warning signals to the operators. The gas detection system comprises of a sensing element, which senses the gas and converts it into voltage using a bridge circuit. This voltage is then given to a microcontroller circuit. According to the inbuilt program the microcontroller sends an alarm message to the selected phone numbers regarding the leakage. There is also a buzzer alarm system which makes a beep sound when the gas is leaked. A fan works on the basis of the signal and sucks out the combustible gases.

Keywords :- GSM(Global system for mobile communication), LPG(Liquified petroleum gas), Gas sensor MQ5, Timer IC555, Microcontroller AT89S51, Alarm(buzzer), Exhaust fan(12V DC).