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International Journal of Innovative Research in
Management, Engineering and Technology

VOLUME - 1 : ISSUE - 5

Speaker Diarization Using Deep Learning And Hmm Speaker Models
Archana S M, Amal Babu, Raseek C
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160405001

Multi Class Text Classification Using Lstm
Bhavya K, Niyas Mohammed A , Ajeesh Ramanujan
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160405002

Word Sense Disambiguation Using Context Clustering
Pelja Paul.N, Binu R, Dibin Joseph
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160405003

Word Sense Disambiguation Using Decision Tree Method
Rekha Thankappan , Kala.M.T, Dibin Joseph,
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160405004

Domain Specific Ontology Based Question Answering System
Sini G.M, Kavitha Raju , Binu R
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160405005

Domain Specific Automatic Ontology Population From Unstructured Documents
Sreetha S, Kavitha Raju, Raseek C
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160405006

Performance Analysis Deploying Web Application On Amazon Ec2 Cloud
Pankaj Deep Kaur, Jashanjot Singh
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160405007

Mathematics And Its Applications
Geetanjali Gilhotra, Balwant Singh
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160405008

Fault Tolerance In Various Computing Environments
Anchal Mal
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160405009

Polyglot Persistence For Cassandra And Neo4j
Komalpreet Kaur
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160405010

Cloud Offerings For Education And Learning
Jasleen Kaur
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160405011

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