This paper describes the techniques for analysing, designing, controlling and improving the health care management system. It deals with automation which plays key role in medical field. Robots are considered as substitute for human beings during their absence or to reduce humanís work load. Automation is observed in many industries for lifting and carrying goods. But it is very rare to be seen in hospitals. Design and development of a system to carry medicine or food to the patientís room by a patient serving robot is proposed. The obstacle in the path is detected by proximity sensor which is mounted on the robotic vehicle. The robot identifies the respective patient room with the help of RFID tag and reader where the RFID tag is placed in every patientís room. The robotic arm is placed in the robotic vehicle which holds the object and delivers. The entire system is controlled using Arduino UNO ATMEGA328P which is cost efficient and also simple in construction. The main task of this kind of robots is to find their way inside the hospital to carry the stuff around. This technology is mainly focused on delivery of medicines to patients with appropriate time.

Keywords ó Infrared sensor; Microcontroller; DC motor; Motor driver; Alarm circuit; Servo motor; Voltage Converter; RFID tag; Robotic arm.;