The concept of Computerized Interactive Mirror is that it is not like a normal mirror.It is very efficient and very interactive in a way that may things can be done at the same time. It is attractive and can be fantasized by anyone.Normally people have mirror at their houses.This could be an efficient replacement to the normal mirror in use.In today’s busy moving world people have no time to read news paper or switch on the TV right in the morning to check the news headlines or the weather forecast.The main aim of the project is it saves time and displays time,weather,news feed and the mail details in your mirror itelf.Just imagine a smart mirror with all facilities which is interactive and time saving.The Computerized Interactive Mirror implemented as a personalised digital device equipped with peripherals such as Raspberry PI,Camera,LED Monitor covered with a sheet of reflective one way mirror provides one of the most basic common amenities such as weather of the city, latest updates of news and headlines,local time corresponding to the location and even check your mail.

Keywords—Raspberry PI, Camera , One Way Mirror, News, Time, Weather ,Mail.