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International Journal of Innovative Research in
Management, Engineering and Technology

VOLUME - 3 : ISSUE - 4

Online Payment Of Tolls And Tracking Of Theft Vehicles Using Number Plate Image
A.V.Allin geo
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160204001

Survey on Home Security System
S.Aneesh Fathima, S.Anusha, P.Valli Subashini
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160204002

Human Activity Patterns In Big Data For Healthcare Applications
Dr. Ar.Arunachalam, Govind Kumar, Kishore Kunal
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160204003

Personalized Web Search using Ontology Matching and Ontology Mapping
A.Sangeetha, Dr.C.Nalini
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160204004

Statistical Distance Estimation Algorithms With Rss Measurements For Indoor Lte-Networks
G.Kavitha, Maguluri Sireesha
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160204005

Bringing Size Based Scheduling To Hadoop
R.Sagunthala Devi, Dr.Ar.Arunachalam
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160204006

Arranging Bulk Datatransfers Acrossgeo- Distibuted Data Centre
I.Mary Linda, Kilari. Laxmi Sudha, S.Keshava Priya
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160204007

Shoulder Surfing Resistance Graphical Password Autentication
V.D.Janani, V.Anwar, M .Ravi Sankar
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160204008

Enabling Privacy Protection and Content Assurance in Geo-Social Networks
M.S.Vivekanandan, Dr.C.Rajabhusanam
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160204009

Privacy Aware Data Sharing In Cloud
Tessy John. L, G.Michael
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602040010

Efficient Query Processing In Geographic Web Search Engines
R.Ramana, G Michael, Dr.AR.Arunachalam
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602040011

An Enhancement Of 3d-Face Recognition Using Pose And Illumination Compensation
K. Rajakumari, Dr. C. Nalini
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602040012

A Review On Cloud Security Issues
P.Abi Glory Treasa, Dr.K.P.Kaliyamurthie
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602040013

Data Security in Decentralized Cloud Computing
C.Anuradha, T.Shiva Sai Krishna, V.Kowshik
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602040014

He Design of Food Quality supervision Platform Based On The Internet of Things
C.Geetha, Lakshmi Kanth Reddy.K, Hariteja.G,
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602040015

Elasticity In Cloud Computing
Dr.C.Rajabhushanam, V.Karthik, G.Vivek
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602040016

Design Of An Intrusion Detection System Based On Distance Feature Using Ensemble Classifier
R.Radhika, B. Sundarraj
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602040017

CCN- Based Congestion Control Mechanism In Dynamic Networks
K.Rangaswamy, Dr. C.Rajabhusanam
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602040018

Multiple Securities for Cloud Computing Using RIPEMD-160
K.Sriprasadh, S.Mageshkumar, Dr.S.Sivasubramanian
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602040019

Opinion Targets And Opinion Words Extraction
G. Dharani Devi, S. Pothumani
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602040020

A Review of Feature Extraction Methods in Image Processing
Shwetambari Kharabe, C. Nalini
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602040021

Leader Election Based Malicious Detection And Response System In Manet Using Mechanism Design Approach
G.Michael, Dr.A.Chandrasekar
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602040022

Secure Deduplication with Reliable Convergent Key Management for Revocable data in Cloud Computing
Suresh Kumar.P , Dr.AR.Arunachalam
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602040023

Dynamic And Public Auditing With Fair Attribution For Cloud Data
K. Shanmugapriya, Moothi Lakshmi Prasanna
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602040024

Memory Allocation Of Automated Vm On A Server In Cloud
M.Kavitha, Y.Koushik, M.Bharat
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602040025

RAAC: Robust and Auditable Access Control with Multiple Attribute Authorities for public Cloud Storage
Divya, C.Anuradha
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602040026

Enhancing Load Balancing In Cloud Computing Using Ant Colony Method
D.Meera, Dr.k.P.Kaliyamurthie
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602040027

Honeypot-based Defense System Design
N.Priya, K.Naga Teja, M.Anjay,
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602040028

Reckless Watchword Examination used for Translated Cloud Storing
Priyanka.S, Dr.KP.Kaliyamurthie
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602040029

Multi Point Encryption In Clod Data Transmission
K.N.Ashwini Jayamma, Dr.R.Karthikeyan
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602040030

A Review On Vertical Partitioning In Oltp Of Nested Transaction
T.Poovizhi, Dr. C Rajabhushanam
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602040031

Privacy Protection for Preventing Data Over- Collection in Smart City
Rashmi Chetry, C.Rajabhushan
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602040032

Bot Automation – An Artificial Intelligent Navigator
Dr.R.Kavitha, Areef Syed, Karan Kuamr Chettri
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602040033

A Comparsion With Apriori Algorithm And Filtered Associator In Association Rule Mining On Market Analysis
K.Ragavi, Dr.C.Nalini
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602040034

Review of Iris Recognition with ANN
Swati D. Shirke, Dr. Rajabhushanam
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602040035

Analysis Of Machine Voltage Data Using Bigdata
S.Pothumani , Shashi Bhushan Bhagat, Shashi Kant Prasad
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602040036

Design And Implementation Of Secured Anti- Collusion Data Sharing Scheme
S.Shelgin, Sai Kiran.M, Sai Sandeep.M
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602040037

Distance Measures For Text Cluster Mining
Sruthy KG, Dr.C.Nalini
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602040038

Secure User Data In Cloud Computing By Using Encryption Algorithms
S.R.Srividhya , CH.Venkatesh, Makapatti Siddharth
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602040039

Automobile Black Box System For Accident Analysis
T.Sudha,B.E, Dr.K.P.Kaliyamurthie.,
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602040040

An Economical multi - keyword seek for conserving energy over Mobile Cloud: TEES
P. Sreevenkatramana, Dr.AR.Arunachalam
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602040041

Smart Way For Automatic Water Sprinkling In Fire Catching Place In Cotton Mills Using IOT
D.Vimala, Tumu Sri Nikhil , Vishal Sai Tej Reddy
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602040042

A Secure Framework For Content Based Image Retrieval In Cloud Repositories
Kothala Anupama, N. Priya
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602040043

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