In mobile ad hoc network (MANET), energy consumption is one among the foremost vital restrictions that deteriorate the performance of the whole network. Multi-path routing is better than the single path routing in ad hoc networks, because multi path routing allows the establishment of multiple path between a single source and single destination node. This project presents a new approach of energy efficient secure multipath hybrid (EESM-hybrid) routing protocol for MANET based on both AODV and AOMDV protocol is modified and converted to work on multiple path .Differing types of routing protocols planned over the years with minimal management overhead and network resources. Hybrid protocol(both AODV & AOMDV) is well-liked routing protocol among others. It is a loop free, no centralized authority, single path, On-demand routing protocol and its performance is superior than different routing protocols in MANET.

Keywords: Honeypot, hacking, security, forensic analysis of honeypots, network. ;