The main goal of our project is to develop a prototype of the accident detection system using the black box. In the event of an accident, if an accident has occurred to the driver or passengers of the car, a loss of life may occur due to delays in medical assistance. This prototype is designed with a minimum number of circuits.This project aims to find the occurrence of any accident and to report the position of Incident with the previously coded number so that immediate assistance can be provided by the ambulance or patient. Nowadays automobiles technologies are rapidly increasing each and every year and also each and every second accident counts also increasing.so while using some technologies like black box in the automobile creates a new level of data service in vehicle. The automobile black box has functions similar to an airplane black box. It is highly useful to analyse the cause of vehicular accidents and prevent the loss of life and property arising from vehicle accident.This paper presents the prototype automobile black box system it has a group of sensor and also sends an alert message to pre stored mobile number in the way of way2sms in the case of an accident.The given senor is connected to the Arduino and it records the various driving data parameters in raspberry pi the system is having external sensor like camera and global positioning system to collect the data, video and location..

Keywords: ABBAS, SOC, ;