Feature extraction helps in extracting the feature of an images. It is most step in image processing. Feature extraction techniques are applied to get the feature that will be useful in classifying and recognizing the images. Feature plays a very significant role in the area of image processing. Various image preprocessing techniques like binarization, thresholding, resizing, normalization etc. can be applied before getting features on the sampled image. As features define the behavior of an image, they show its place in terms of storage taken, effectiveness in classification and visibly in time consumption also. In this paper, various feature extraction techniques are considered. These methods are classified as low-level feature extraction and High-level feature extraction. Low-level feature extractions are based on finding the points, lines, edge, etc while high level feature extraction methods use the low level feature to provide more significant information for further processing of Image analysis.

Keywords: Feature Extraction, CNN, ANN. ;