Several users keep interacting with one another on a daily basis. One fascinating and necessary downside within the social networking services is to rank users supported their vitality in a very tiSocial networking services are current at several on-line communities like Twitter.com and Weibo.com, wherever mely fashion. Associate in nursing correct ranking list of user vitality may benefit several parties in social network services like the ads suppliers and web site operators. Though it's terribly promising to get a vitality-based ranking list of users, there square measure several technical challenges because of the big scale and dynamics of social networking information. During this paper, we tend to propose a singular perspective to attain this goal that is quantifying user vitality by analyzing the dynamic interactions among users on social networks. samples of social network embrace however don't seem to be restricted to social networks in microblog sites and academical collaboration networks.

Keywords: tiSocial, Hadoop, Sqoop. ;