Fire in itself is a word that describes loss and hazardous situation. Work house fire is a situation in a populated place that can leave a many shop into a bit of ashes. That is why we needs to be detected at the earliest so that high damage and loss could be prevented. The objective is to detect the fire as fast as possible and its exact localization and early notification to the fire units is vital. The objective of designing this telemetry project is to detect the fire and monitor it online. Number of two sensors are employed that needs to be placed at certain distances so that a look can be kept on the entire area. These fire sensors detect the area and if at times there is a fire, it will send the signal or the information to the microcontroller. The microcontroller also updates the information on the webpage and also sends a notification on the webpage through the Wi-Fi. This information is sent to the internet by the network of IOT.

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