The unstable increase of data brings new challenges to the data storage and management in cloud settings. These data classically have to be processed in a suitable style in the cloud. Thus, any superior latency may source a huge loss to the enterprises. Duplication finding plays a very major role in data management. Data deduplication calculates a restricted fingerprint for every data chunk by using hash algorithms such as MD5 and SHA-1. The planned fingerprint is then comparing touching other available chunks in a database that dedicates for storing the chunks. Though, there is simply one copy for every file stored in cloud immobile if such a file is owned by a massive number of users. As a conclusion, Deduplication system improves storage consumption whereas dropping reliability. Moreover, the features of privacy for reactive data also arise while they are outsourced by users to cloud. Aiming to contract with the above safety challenges, this paper makes the first stab to honour the idea of distributed dependable Deduplication system. We propose new distributed Deduplication systems with advantaged reliability in which the data chunks are distributed diagonally various cloud servers. The secure needs of data privacy and consistency of tags can be done by involving a determined sharing system which uses convergent encryption as an option to forego deduplication in distributed storage.

Keywords: Cloud Computing,MD5,SHA-1,Deduplication. ;