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International Journal of Innovative Research in
Management, Engineering and Technology

VOLUME - 3 : ISSUE - 2

Labview Based Motion Controlled Bionic Arm
Siddharth.S, Somasundaram.S, Vimal.P, Prasanna.V, S.M Girirajkumar
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160203201

Experimental Study On Partial Replacement Of Coarse Aggregate By Coconut Shell And With Addition Of Chicken Feather In Concrete
R.Revathi, L.Bharathi, A.Durgadevi, D.Kavipriya
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160203202

Particle Study On Marine Sand For Construction Purpose
Manikandan.R, Revathi.S
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160203203

IOT Based Real Time Transformer Protection System
Ashwin M, Karthikeyan M, Tamilarasan T
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160203204

A Smart Farmland Using Raspberry Pi For Crop Prevention And Animal Intrusion Detection System
Y. Dhamodharan, E. Kavi Priya, S. Santhiya, C S. Santhosh, M.Surekha
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160203205

Autonomous Quadcopter Using Arduino Uno For Rescue
S.Aravind, I.Aasif Ahmed, K.Ravi Varman, T.Nandhakumar, M.Banusundareswari
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160203206

Waste Water Treatment By Using Citrullus Lanatus Seed As A Coagulant
Neenu Surendran, Athulya Rajeev, Aparna K, Reshma S, Anoop Raj J R
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160203207

Detection Of Hazardous Gas Using Land Rover Robot In Mines
Deepan A, Jayakrishna S V, Nagha Abirami S S, Vanmathi M E, Andril Alagusabai
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160203208

Efficient Analyses And Inference Of Geo-Social Media To Make Real- Time Decisions In Big-Data
Ms.S.Sindhuja, M.A.Thansira Banu, M.Sowndharya, Ms.C.Gokulapriya
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160203209

Comparative Analysis Of Drilling Operation Parameters In Die Steel (H13) Using Hss And Carbide Coated Drills
M.Veerasekaran, M.Vinoth Raj, N.K.Vigneshwaran
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602032010

GSM Based Automatic Energy Meter Reading System
M. Aravinth, A. Francis adaikala raj, D. Hariraju, D. Hariharan, Dr. M.V. Suganya Devi
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602032011

Comparitive Study On Partial Replacement Of Sand By Using Crumb Rubber With Conventional Concrete
B.Sundhar, M.Manimaran, K.Manikandan, R.Vignesh , M.Manimuhilan
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602032012

E-Portable Wristband Health Monitoring System Using Lilypad
Suriyaraj T, Ajithkumar K, Nallusamy P, Gopikrishnan A
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602032013

Development And Analysis Of Conventional And Carburized PM Gear
Vishvaksenan. A, Vinith. R, Mukilan. B.M, Dr. S. Selvi
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602032014

Speed Control Of Induction Motor Using Pwm Method
Senthilvelan.S, Mukilan.K, Aslinbestus.M.G, Tejeshraja.BKR, Thukakula Govardhan Reddy
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602032015

Preventing Rumor Propagation In Social Network
Beethu Peter, Sreena Sreedhar
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602032016

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