The use of rubber product is increasing every year in worldwide. India is also one of the largest country in population exceeds 100cr. So the use of vehicles also increased, according to that the tyres for the vehicles also very much used and the amount of waste of crumb rubber is increasing. For this issue, the easiest and cheapest way of decomposing of the rubber is by burning it. This creates smoke pollution and other toxic emission and it create global warming. This creates a major problem for the earth and their livings. Currently 75-80% of scrap tyres are buried in landfills. Only 25% or fewer are utilized as a fuel substitute or as raw material for the manufacture of a number of miscellaneous rubber goods. Disposal of whole tyre has been banned in the majority of landfill operations because of the bulkiness of the fires and their tendency to float to the surface with time On the other hand a wide variety of waste materials has been suggested as additives to cement based materials. Other construction products are also based on rubber powder obtained from the cryogenic milling of tires mixed with asphalt or bituminous materials. An experimental study is proposed to be conducted by using crumb rubber as sand in cement concrete. It is used in many works such as Road construction, Mould making etc,

KEYWORDS crumb rubber, tyre,sand ,aggregates,water;