Comparative analysis signifies the optimization of Drilling operation parameter and surface roughness of H13 die steel using HSS and Carbide coated HSS drills. Taguchi design of experiments was implemented for analyzing the process parameter of Drilling process on H13 steel plates. The drilling parameters, spindle speed (rpm) and feed rate (mm/min) are optimized via response performance characteristic of surface roughness of H13 die steel plates. H13 steel play an important role in many applications such as Shaft, axle, gears and fasteners due to their strength to weight ratio. The process parameters, spindle speed and feed rate influences the machining accuracy during drilling process. The main objectives of optimization have been identified by getting the lower surface roughness during drilling process of H13 steel plates. Orthogonal array (L18) of Taguchi Design of experiments and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) are applied to analyze the effect of drilling parameters on Quality of drilled holes. The result of experiment indicate is a dominating parameter of surface roughness of H13 steel plates in Drilling process and indicates the suitable drill bit for Die Steel H13.

Keywords: H13, Drilling Parameters, Taguchi, Drill bit, ANOVA, Surface roughness, Optimization.;