Human exposure to poisonous gases while working in underground tunnels may create fatal effects. To avoid such cases we have to automate the system with the application of certain Robots. The robot here detects the hazardous gas and monitor using a wireless control like Bluetooth in mines. The MQ-4 sensor detects the level of methane (CH4) and the Wireless Camera which is used to monitor the operations in the mines. In various mining areas, industrial applications and garbage places this robot can be used. It can be enabled to detect other gases like Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Low O2 content, Smoke and other gases. Robot can provide the prior knowledge to the workers about the level of danger and so the workers can have preparatory plans which will reduce loss of human life due to disaster by enhancing the effective operation in mines.

Keyword: Mines, MQ-4, CH4, Wireless Camera and Bluetooth.