Generally composite structure means two or more materials combined together and act as a monolithic structure by means of connecting them by some connectors. Steel-concrete composite plays a major role in construction industry. Composite slabs are composed of steel decks and concrete. There should be a connection between steel deck and concrete to have monolithic action. Cold formed steel can be used as profile deck so that weight of structure reduces. During the application of load, flexural, vertical shear and longitudinal shear failure may occur. Among this, longitudinal shear failure plays a vital role. The strength of the composite slab mainly based on longitudinal shear bond mechanism between steel deck and concrete. The longitudinal shear strength depends on thickness of profile deck, shape and inclination of deck and embossment and dimples pattern in the deck. But many of the designs are arrived in the deck slab Design. So this project focuses on concrete layer that present above to the deck. Normally all researchers focus only on deck slab but they use concrete as it is normal concrete & light weight concrete. Due to the usage of light weight concrete, the concrete easily fail under impact. So this project aims to adopt marine concrete that is replacement of river sand by sea sand.

Keywords marine, light weight, deck slab, shear.;