This project is used to protect the farmland from animals by using Raspberry pi. Wild animals are special challenge for the farmers throughout the world. Animals like wild boars, elephants, monkeys etc…cause serious damage to crops. This project utilizes the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) module and GSM (Global System Mobile) modem for this purpose. Forest officer and farmers will get these SMS containing area in which that animals observe. The techniques that already being used is ineffective, in this article we are presenting a practical procedure to ward them off, by creating a system which studies the behavior of the animal, detects the animal and creates the different sound that irritates the animal and also alerts the authorized person by sending a message. The animal can be detected by the RFID injector (for animals), the LF tag which inject under the animal skin. After the detection the intimation is sent. This project is mainly contributed to repellent the animals to the forest by using three stages are intimation, irritation noise and smoke by fog machine.

Keywords: Raspberry pi, GSM, RFID Injector, Fog Machine.;