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International Journal of Innovative Research in
Management, Engineering and Technology

VOLUME - 2 : ISSUE - 10

Attaining Multi-Keyword Search in Cloud Data using Logical Conditions
V.Anusha, Marthala Sunanda, V.Parthipan
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602010001

Challenges and Opportunities for Entrepreneurship Development in Indian Scenario
Dr. Ravindra V. Kshirsagar, Dr. Shivani O. Katakwar
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602010002

A Study on Two Wheeler Purchasing decision using Data Mining Techniques
Dr.M.Kannan, S.Suryanarayanan
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602010003

Techniques in Low Power VLSI Plan & Power Management
Sivakumar Palanivelu, Hemalakshmi K
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602010004

Secret Communication over Audio for Defense Application
Parthipan.V , Pakyala.Vidhya
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602010005

A Survey on Concurrent Data Uploading Solutions for Wireless Sensor Networks
C.Dhatchayani, S.Kannan, M. Seshagiri
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602010006

Secure Optimum Medical Practitioner Spotter
A.Arun kumar, C.Shanthi, T.S.Poonguzhali
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602010007

The Readiness of Banks for the Application of Business Intelligence Solutions
J. Anita Smiles, A. Sasi Kumar
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602010008

Enhancing To Detect Face Automatically From Input Videos Using Multiple Algorithms
S.Muralidharan, R.Krishnamurthy
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602010009

Two phase hybrid AI-heuristics for Mutiple travelling salesman problem
N.Sathya, Dr.A.Muthukumaravel,
Abstract PDF IJIRMET16020100010

Security Issues And Prevention Techniques From Data Analytics
J.Bagyalakshmi, S.Kamalakkannan, P.Kavitha
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602010011

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