A steganographic method of embedding textual facts in an audio document is provided in this paper. within the proposed method, first the audio document is sampled and then the appropriate bit of each exchange sample is altered to embed the textual data. As it approach the perceptual great of the host audio sign changed into now not to be degraded.It is a specialty of sending shrouded information or mystery messages over an open channel so that an outsider can't identify the nearness of the mystery messages. The objective of steganography is not the same as traditional encryption, which looks to cover the substance of mystery messages; steganography is about concealing the very presence of the mystery messages. Advanced steganography is for the most part comprehended to manage electronic media as opposed to physical items. There have been various proposition for conventions to shroud information in channels containing pictures, video, sound and even typeset content. This bodes well for various reasons. As a matter of first importance, in light of the fact that the measure of the data is by and large entirely little contrasted with the span of the information in which it must be concealed (the spread content), electronic media is much less demanding to control keeping in mind the end goal to shroud information and concentrate messages. Besides, extraction itself can be mechanized when the information is electronic, since PCs can proficiently control the information and execute the calculations important to recover the messages. Electronic information additionally frequently incorporates excess, superfluous and unnoticed information spaces which can be controlled keeping in mind the end goal to shroud messages.