A tremendously dynamic market, altering consumer needs, fierce competition, the need of strict manage and hazard administration are simplest probably the most characteristics of the Business atmosphere the place today's banks habits their operations. Better management and higher resolution-making procedure make the change between the positive and the unsuccessful available on the market with these traits. Business intelligence options for banks must provide the selection makers from all business segments of a financial institution with the capacity to control and make the most expertise, resources, in order to clear up the problems and make well timed and high-great decisions. Industry intelligence techniques in banks must be completed and but easy for the top user. Business intelligence covers many areas of the bank, and among the many principals are: Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Performance Management (PM), Risk Management (RM), Asset and Liability Management (ALM), and Compliance. Data warehouse and online analytical processes (OLAP) from the informational foundation for the applying of Business intelligence. Data mining and competencies retrieval are also essential segments of industry intelligence and take care of intricate statistical evaluation, discovering“hidden’’ relationships between data and forecasting the conduct traits of business programs.

Keywords- Business intelligence, performance management, asset and liability management.