Consumers in present day situations, look for personalized travelling support like own vehicle for either personal or official. They will prefer to have own two wheeler vehicles with affordable price and low maintenance charges, in this case, motorbike and scooters are the preferred mode of travelling by them. But at the same time, the buying preference of end users to buy either motor bike or scooter are influenced by many factors like culture, social status, image, price and economy, durability, maintenance and life style related aspects and so on. In addition to that the role of personal and behavior aspects also influence them to prefer product either as motor bike or scooter and particular brand on them. In order to study these aspects, through obtaining market relevant data with the help of primary sources and filter the important decision aspects, SPSS 19 tool and WEKA tool was deployed and aim to identify the buying decision pattern among the end users. In addition to that, the study also addressed to categorize the decision process and the attributes involve in the decision process among the end users through classification analysis like cluster. The outcome of study reveals the buying decision pattern among the end users, its category and as well as role of influences.

Keywords- Consumers, Motor Bike or Scooter, Buying Decision, Attributes;