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International Journal of Innovative Research in
Management, Engineering and Technology

VOLUME - 2 : ISSUE - 11

Intelligent Mobile Ad-Hoc Routing Methodology with Modified Routing Procedures
Sathish Kumar, Dr.S.Purushothaman
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602010001

Speed Limit In Vehicles Based On Fuel Sensor
C. Harshitha, Mr. Parthipan
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602010002

A Multi-Stage Attack Mitigation Mechanism For Software-Defined Home Networks
Vinay prudhvi P, Revanth K, Selwyn paul peter
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602010003

NIDS: Survey Of Inrusion Detection Techniques Phase Wise Analyis Elucidation
Gritto.D, Mohamed Suhail.M
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602010004

A Privacy Adaptable Transaction Over Mobile Bank In Cloud Computing Application Using Kerberos Key Exchange
Parthipan V, Dr.D.Dhanasekaran
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602010005

Regression Test Case Prioritization For Industry Oriented Applications Using Properitary Tool
K.Hema Shankari, Dr. R.Thirumalaiselvi
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602010006

Android Cellular Phone Instant–Run Off Ballot Systems
Dr.G.Suseendran, Sreehari V Kumar
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602010007

Internet Of Agriculture: A Wireless Sensor Based Agricultural Monitoring System
Abhishek Pandey, Dr. V. Ramesh
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602010008

Attaining Multi-Keyword Search in Cloud Data using Logical Conditions
Aranganathan.k, [2] Mr.V.Parthipan
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602010009

Portfolio Risk Analysis Using Data Mining Techniques
Mrs.M.Deivamani, Dr.M.Kannan
Abstract PDF IJIRMET16020100010

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