Rapid population growth of world forcing us to invent new technologies and more efficient system to produce adequate amount of food to feed the planet. We need to adopt more effective agriculture methods to increase yield that are more predictable, more controllable and at the same time become less polluting, and less demanding on water uses and other nutrients. Therefore alteration of the Agriculture through modern technology is quite important to fulfil today’s Agriculture needs. Hence we did a descriptive research by existing document survey and literature reviews to know that what technology can be adopted to improvise agricultural production. In our study we find that wireless sensor networks (WSN) technology can be used as efficient tool in the field of agriculture to increase the quality and quantity of agricultural products. Wireless Sensor Network enables a capacity in our farmers to rely on satellite farming which is very efficient and less expensive than traditional agriculture practices. Satellite farming or Precision agriculture is also called Internet of Things (IoT) based Agriculture or Internet of Agriculture. In which several sensor nodes are deployed and scattered over farming land. These sensors sense the physical parameters, they digitize it, process it and then transmit it with a transmitter. In this research we investigate the use of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) for Agriculture applications in India. We proposed an innovative system named Wireless Sensor Agri Monitoring System (WSAMS) to monitor crop health through the use of wireless sensors fixed in agriculture land. WSAMS enables farmer to remotely manage different variables of soil. In future we can improvise this system by adopting more secure energy efficient algorithm for wireless sensor network.

Keywords- : Wireless Sensor Network, Satellite farming, WSAMS, IoT.