This research work aims to rate stocks based on the fundamentals of the company. Hence, it helps the investor in knowing the quality of the company in which he has invested. This work also analyses the risk of the user’s portfolio based on three different parameters, which is different from the technique adopted by the modern portfolio theory. It is to be noted that the modern portfolio theory used only the covariance of stocks to analyse the rise and does not take the fundamentals of the said company into account. Thus, it does not help in capturing the holistic risk of the portfolio. The three parameters used in this work include the fundamental analysis of the company, technical analysis of the stock and association among stocks in the portfolio. Thus this report will be useful for individual investors and financial institutions in calculating the risk they are taking to achieve superior returns. The system essentially provides an interface for an investor to manage his/her portfolio. This system has also been extended to mutual funds.

Keywords- : Portfolio, Stocks, Investors, Association