This venture is entitled "Portable voting framework” is produced by utilizing android as front end and SQLite as Back End. Amid decision period the rate of making of choice is turning out to be less step by step. The Indian subjects the individuals who are living in different nations can't make their choice, those whose are debilitated, old matured and for all intents and purposes disable. Every last individual has their own particular appropriate to vote as an Indian native and it is additionally a control followed in the nation. We give a chance to the general population the individuals who are not ready to vote. Our application depends both on security and coordinated web administrations to vote from anyplace with every single vital evidence, for example, voter id, photograph, Aadhar card, and so forth. An occasion can be depicted as an open get together with the end goal of festivity, instruction, showcasing, gettogether or to settle on a choice. It as a rule requires a lot of investment and exertion from many individuals to put on an occasion of significance. Sometimes is difficult to settle on a choice on whether to offer for, and after that compose, a noteworthy occasion. Individuals will have varying perspectives dependant regularly on how agreeable they are with the degree of work that is included. The center of the application is to broaden the usefulness of the cell phone which can be utilized as opposed to voting frameworks' remote parts. The fundamental objective of the application in view of customer server design is to wipe out the overhead related with the remote parts taking care of. The effects of the application are decrease in time; voting number may increment up to 20% to 30% than the present situation, bringing about less issues in discretionary arrangements, peace, hopeful's use and give simple and precise checking with no devilishness at the tallying focus.

Keywords- : Voting, Mobile Voting, Voting Security, Android;