Objectives: The main objective of this system is to provide the successful routing methodology in MANET by using Optimized Link State Identification Routing (OLSIR) protocol. Methods:Optimized Link State Identification Routing (OLSIR) is used to provide the successful routing methodology over MANET communication medium. Findings:Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks (MANET) a fast growing network scheme and it provides various features for communication strategies and routing protocols. Theses routing protocols are introduced to avoid the attacker nodes and provides the efficient communication between source and destination. The attacks in the network scenarios are: DOS, Wormhole attack and Blackhole attacks. In this system, a new routing protocol strategy is defined by means of RREQ and RREP Strategies with the help of Optimized Link State Identification Routing (OLSIR). Source Node sends Route Request (RREQ) to the nearby node. The nearby node checks the request and sends the Route Response (RREP) to Source Node back within a proper interval. The proper and relevant response from the neighbor node indicates it as a proper node as well as the neighbor node sequence Number will get incremented by 1. The node is proper then only the count will be incremented otherwise it consists attack content. This kind of nodes are properly blocked from the present scenario and the source checks for the alternate or other neighbor nodes to proceed for further communications. As per the regular network strategies the node selection or path selection process is purely based on Shortest Path Routing methodology. Improvement: Along with the regular communication strategy enhancements, the data security features are added to provide more security over the data in MANET.

Keywords- logical conditions, secured, multi keyword, cloud data, trapdoor, secured data transfer, keywords search, fine grained logics.