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International Journal of Innovative Research in
Management, Engineering and Technology

VOLUME - 2 : ISSUE - 9

(EOCA-KGF): Enhanced outsourcing cloud attribute based cryptosystem with key generating factor for cloud storage
J.Gayathri, Dr.A.Muthukumaravel, P. Shivasakthi
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160209001

Comprehensive Performance Analysis And Sleep Window Determination For Ieee 802.16 Broadband Wireless Networks
S.Panneerselvam, S.Kannan, S. Kamatchi
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160209002

Effective Use of ABKE Algorithm for Secure Cloud Storage Auditing
R.Raj Priya1, Dr.A.Muthukumaravel, K.Bharathi
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160209003

Disparate key pattern and data integrity checking for secure cloud storage
M.Subhashini, Dr.A.Muthukumaravel, T.Baskar
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160209004

A Machine Learning Approach to Predict Juvenile Stress level with Parental Behavior and usage of Gadgets using Bayes Classification
Sumalatha.V , Dr.Santhi.R
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160209005

Preventive Solutions for Evil Twin Network Attack
B. Lakshmi, Sujatha Srinivasan
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160209006

An Assessment of the Performance of Classification Algorithms in Machine Learning
J.Gayathri, Dr.A.Muthukumaravel, P. Shivasakthi
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160209007

Mininet Implementation of SDN Towards Network Softwarization
T Hari Krishna, C Rajabhushanam
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160209008

Correlation Analysis Of Community Detection In Social Network Of Big Data Methodical Using Set Theorem
J.Gayathri, Dr.A.Muthukumaravel, P. Shivasakthi
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160209009

A phase of the intelligence cycle associating knearest neighbors algorithm with Condensed nearest neighbor algorithm
G.Sujatha M.C.A, ]K. Madhavan M.C.A M.B.A M.Phil (Phd), Dr.P.Guhan M.C.A. M.Phil. Phd
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602090010

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