The use of cloud computing is increased in the field of Information Technology. The data growth is tremendous in nature and so the cloud users outsource their data to the centralized system. Hence, data integrity plays a challenging task in the outsourced data. Cloud infrastructure is more powerful and reliable compared to other personal computing devices but cloud storage has both internal and external threats for data integrity. In previous works, static process of data verification model is achieved but still it lacks to eliminate the internal and external threats. In this paper, we aim to study about the dynamic support of the data verification model without compromising the fairness of the system. We design “Attribute Based Key Exchange (ABKE)”, that intends to exchange the data from the client to the server in a secured way. By the issue of certificates from Certificate Authority (CA), the client can communicate and outsource the data to the server safely. This solution enables the system to work better in terms of fairness, security and privacy. Experimental designs will prove the effectiveness of the system.

Keywords- Public auditing, ABKE algorithm,Certificate authority,TPAr;