In this paper we propose an efficient and flexible distributed storage integrity checking mechanism, which uses the token and the cancellation code of the key distinctive pattern homomorphic data. The proposed project allows amendment cloud storage accounts users at a cost of communication and lightweight computing. Customers want to store their data in a public cloud server (PCS) together with the rapid development of cloud computing. The new security issues need to be resolved to help more customers to process their data in the public cloud. When the client is limited to PCS access, delegate their proxy to process the data and load. On the other hand, the remote control data integrity is also an important security issue in the public cloud storage. It makes customers to check whether their outsourced data remains intact without downloading all data. By security problems, we propose a new data proxy form burden-oriented and integrity control of remote data in public key cryptography based on the load identity data driven by proxy based on the identity and integrity checking remote public cloud data (ID-PUIC). The analysis shows that the proposed scheme is highly efficient and resilient against Byzantine failure, the malicious attack data editing and even collusion server attacks..

Keywords: Data integrity, distributed key, auditing, data secure, key generation, proxy.;