In cloud computing, user commonly outsources their data to the cloud service provider. This leads to bigger issues in the cloud settings. Attribute based cipher text is the best method to tackle the problem. However the management cost and encryption size is much higher to access control policy. The outsourced attribute based cipher data with fine grained access control system can mostly decrease the management cost for users who want to access cipher text data stored in cloud by outsourcing the deep reckoning to cloud service provider (CSP). The quantity of encrypted files stored in cloud becomes high range in size which makes obstruct the consequent query processing. To contract with above issues a new scheme is introduced which cryptographic primitive is called attribute-based cipher text scheme with outsourcing key-issuing and outsourcing decryption, which can implement keyword search function. The proposed EOCA-KGF scheme is proved secure against searched decryption attack. Partial decryption is performed by CSP delegated by data user without knowing anything about the decoded form. Moreover, the CSP can carry out cipher keyword search without knowing about the keywords entrenched in trapdoor. This paper extending the trust authority zone for cloud consideration. The secret key is sent to the user mail from authorized party. Data owner verified the user and then by using the key, data is decrypted in confidential manner. Symmetric key and secret keyword in unknown format is sends for user authentication from data owner.

Keywords- attribute-based cipher text policy; cloud computing; outsourced key-issuing; outsourced decryption; keyword search, Decoding, Index, Encoding, access control, trusted computing. ;