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International Journal of Innovative Research in
Management, Engineering and Technology

VOLUME - 2 : ISSUE - 4

Improvement Of Fuel Effficeincy In A Petrol Engine By Using Water Injection
M .Srinivas, S.M.Shafee
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160204001

Design of Hydraulic Test Manifold for Testing the Primary Flight Actuators
Dr. R. Kiruba Shankar, V. Shyam chander
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160204002

Selective Forwarding Attack In Wsn
K. Murugan, R.Pravinkumar , A. Joseph Anselm
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160204003

Optimized Selection Of Dynamic Cluster Heads Using Redundant Node Active Algorithm
M. Rakesh Reddy, N.Malleshwar rao, C.Sudarshan Raman, S.Teja Kumar, R.Angeline
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160204004

Space Object Classification And Redshift Estimation Using Astronomical Spectroscopic Data And Its Representation
Prakritidev Verma, Hemangini Malhotra, Amit Kushwaha, Rajat Ratra
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160204005

Signal Digitization Using Voltage To Frequency Conversion For Wireless Sensor Node
Donia Maria Denny, K.Indumathi, Dr.S.Radha, T.S.Shri Krishnan, Jemimah Ebenezer, R.Jehadeesan
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160204006

An Overview of IoT Capabilities Using 5G Technology
Duggaraju Hari Prasad
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160204007

Health Monitoring and Management Using Internet-of-Things (IoT)
V.Sai Nithin1 , V.V.S.Dinesh, B.NandaGopal, S.Subramanyam, Mr.C.Araindan
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160204008

Development Of Nfc Based Iap For Wireless Sensor Nodes
Anjali Rajan, Dr. S. Rajkumar, T.S. Shri Krishnan, Jemimah Ebenezer, R. Jehadeesan
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160204009

EMG Controled Powered Exoskeleton For Upper Extermity Argumentation
Mrs. Ramani (PhD.), Hari Prakash, Narasa Reddy, Himanshu
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160204010

A Survey based on Recommendation Techniques
Miteksha Padmani, Krupa Mandaviya, SnehalJoshi
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160204011

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