Among the range of applications enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT), smart and connected health care is a particularly important one. Networked sensors, either worn on the body or embedded in our living environments, make possible the gathering of rich information indicative of our physical and mental health. Captured on a continual basis, aggregated, and effectively mined, such information can bring about a positive transformative change in the health care landscape. In particular, the availability of data at until now unimagined scales and temporal longitudes coupled with a new generation of intelligent processing algorithms can: (a) facilitate an evolution in the practice of medicine, from the current post facto diagnose-and treatre active paradigm, to a proactive framework for prediction of diseases at an early stage, cure,and overall management of health (b) help reduce the cost of health care while simultaneously improving outcomes. In this paper, we highlight the opportunities and challenges for IoT in realizing this vision of the future of health care at emergency.

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