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International Journal of Innovative Research in
Management, Engineering and Technology

VOLUME - 2 : ISSUE - 2

Hadoop: Improving data processing with Cloud Dataflow and BigQuery
V.Trivenu, P.Krishna Chaitanya
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160201001

Optimized Energy Distribution Preparing An Evaluation
M.Mansukh, R.Jaidev
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160201002

Effective Information Sharing Processes To Increase The Protection Usingnetworks
R.Pradeep, I.Nakul
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160201003

Finding Defective Elements in Antenna Array Making Use Of Fast Fourier Transform
E.Rahul, Y.Mahavir
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160201004

Effectiveness Calculation Of Nai(Tl) 2x2 Well Detector
A.Santosh, K.Lalu
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160201005

PSPICE and MATLAB/SimElectronic Based Training of Linear Built-in Circuit: A Brand New Approach
G.Swami Lakshman, H.Narayan
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160201006

Strong transportable Cloud choices T that is utilizing OSCA
V.Udai, J.Maheswar
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160201007

E.Kanhaiya, H.Jitendra
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160201008

Design of an information Logger for Biomedical Signals
C.Trilochana, B.Udai
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160201009

Dynamic Cooperative Communications Utilizing Dijkstra’s Al gorithm
S.Vikasith, J.Yashpal
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602010010

A Linear CMOS Minimal Drop-Out Voltage Regulator in a CMOS that is 0.6µm Technology
B.Yogesh, N.Ujjwal
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602010011

Distributed Database Kinds and Its Particular Application
B.Nilesh, M.Muralidhar
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602010012

Design of Microstrip Low Pass Filter for L-Band Application
H.Lakshmi, T.Jivanlal
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602010013

Market Situation for Energy Efficiency in Asia
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602010014

Synthetic Neural System Utilize for Design Minimal Pass FIR Filter an evaluation
M.Girvaan, R.Girish
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602010015

Conservation And Handling Of Plant Genetic Resources From Cultural And Wildlife In Bulgaria
F.Ghanaanand, K.A.Fanibhusan
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602010016

Multiband Celebrity Shape Slotted Micro-Strip Patch Antenna Design for Wireless Application
S.Ekambar, U.Giridhar
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602010017

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