— In this paper a Seljuk famous person form started microstrip subject reception gadget is exhibited on a bank card application that's lady that is younger is rectangular FR4 substrate having degree of 1 .6mm. Experiment inspire method might be used because the suitable element of this receiving cable that is exposed conduct that is multiband. The habits that's multiband utilization that's examined is making of opened rounds. The proposed radio cable covers frequencies that might n be t that's multiband  round 1.6 to five.9GHz. It real is re-enacted IE3D that's usage that's making of. Electrical parameters related to the radio cable like return misfortune; radiation VSWR and design exc. Are broke down. The advantage between geometric sizes o f the specific field because the parameter that is electrical related to the reception apparatus is researched..

Keywords :
seljuk, launched, multiband and IE3D