The present  styles  and spreads  in advantage sharing in  online and  in social help methods is unsecure .So in this day and age  members stressful for protection  .In such illustration, this paper as a substitute helps to share the data in a trend that is covered encrypting the information and decrypt it .Though this has only some elements in decryption and encryption. At the gift time decryption utilized with the support of utilising man or woman recommendations .This usual factor  which is used is for safeguard operate .Thecypher textingis  a procedure that's brand new may also be utilized forcryptographic function .Throughits work properly it presents just one draw again that  is  escrows  hassle. This hindrance could be fixed quite simply by utilizing offering SFTP that is brand new protocolHence implementation and  proposed plan will handle and it certainly will share the information firmly on the net .