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International Journal of Innovative Research in
Management, Engineering and Technology

VOLUME - 2 : ISSUE - 1

Design Of Hybrid Active Dc Filter For Hvdc Con-verter
Snehal Shirbhate, Prof D.A.Shahakar
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160201001

Eventual outcome of High End SiGe HBT Design Parameters with respect to the insignificant Gate Delay of an ECL Inverter
Prof R.Harbeer,Arun Kanniaya
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160201002

Examination of Total Ionizing Dose Impacts for Drifting and Tied Body SO In MOSFETs
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160201003

N.Jagmohan, J.A.Manisha Natwar lal
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160201004

Reducing Rub Passing and Time Complexity in Bully Election Algorithms Making Use Of Two Successors
E.Karan, Y.Maneesh
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160201005

Framework for Transaction Execution Techniques in Mobile Phone Information Base Techniques
G.Mahant, T.Mouli
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160201006

Marketplace Integration For Oxen Costs Utilizing Vector Error Modification Model (Vecm) In Ethiopia
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160201007

Advertising Of Small And Moderate Sized Companies In Mongolia
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160201008

Growth of Verification Environment for AXI Bus Making Use Of SystemVerilog
C.Mohnish, H.Kanniappan
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160201009

Kinematic Research And Op timization Of Multi Dof Parallel Manipulator
R.Kulbhushan, I.Kanimalar
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602010010

Adaptive Unithreshold Two-Bit Block Movement Estimation
E.Jitesh, J.Kannan
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602010011

Thickness based Technique that is clustering on Yield Forecast
Y.Ekodar, B.Lala
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602010012

Utilization Of gentle-Switching broaden Converter With A Resonant Circuit
D.Ekaatmaa, M.Suavaruh
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602010013

Design of Dielectric Resonator Fluid Yagi-Uda Antenna
V.Giridhar, B.Sriram
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602010014

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