The part of robotics in s ociety isn't any further constrained to creation and installation. Robots have found their way into –a huge spectral range of tasks that immediately link peoples and computer. Hence of mistake that's modelling ecological uncertainties, robot action could furnish an principal placement mistake by means of the use of a common computer-Torque method. To enhance monitoring comfort of robot manipulators, sliding mode manage and nonlinear manage algorithms are offered, however calculation is high priced, and as a result an easy movement execution utilizing easy pc sources is not possible. The satisfactory and location precision of magnetically suspended frictionless Hexapod multi DOF manipulator is made additionally it is going to s imulate by means of making use of Adams pc program to remedy this obstacle. The gadget joint know-how will also be had for a designated sensible situation from Reverse role research. Forward kinematics for a manipulator is also the procedure to verify the profession (or movement) of a conclude effectors whenever vari that is joint are certain. The system is carried out through multiplying sequentially the 4x four change that is homogeneous of each joint and selecting the transformation pad rix Ti for the matching place the major goal of this venture is be taught the k inematic habits related to Multi DOF Manipulator procedure and to c ontrol the complete motion and also to improve an operation for the ultimate design of a redundantly actuated Multi DOF manipulator and likewise to d etermine the geometric parameters and walking barriers.

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