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International Journal of Innovative Research in
Management, Engineering and Technology

VOLUME - 2 : ISSUE - 5

Mininet Implementation of SDN Towards Network Softwarization
T Hari Krishna, C Rajabhushanam
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160205001

An Labview Based Experimental Setup For Electrical Machines
Shreyas kalantri, G.Gokulakrishnan
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160205002

Study and Analysis of Fractional Order PID Controller for Pressure Process Station
Chetan K. Hinganikar, Kavitha. P
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160205003

An Efficient Sink Scheduling for Mobile Sink (MS) based Wireless Sensor Networks
Shashikant Dewangan, Dr. Md Azharuddin, Asst. Prof.
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160205004

ROBOTIC COMMUNICATIVE TOOL’ in Speech and Hearing: A review
Renuka. C, Dr. Ajish K Abraham, Dr. N. Devi, Dr. Swapna Narayanan
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160205005

Quality optimization scheduling of downlink video application by Genetic Algorithm in LTE Network
Bharati.Nidasheshi, S. V.Saboji
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160205006

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