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International Journal of Innovative Research in
Management, Engineering and Technology

VOLUME - 2 : ISSUE - 3

Ramifications of Cs-137 Gamma and X-Ray Irradiation regarding the electric Characteristics of Silicon Diode 1N4007
A.Ramsay, R.Sudharsan
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160201001

3•D Internet
D.Arivanandham, G.Kandhaswamy
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160201002

Numerical research for Voltage Responsivities of a we improved Multi-Frequency Band Pyroelectric Sensor
K.Palaniappan, J.Kashmora
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160201003

A fresh Hand Gesture Recognition Approach for Robotic Assistants Based on Cellular Devices
M.Rahual, J.Musthaf
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160201004

Amazon Elastic Cloud-The Complete Guide
E.Kalifulla, N.Karamshant
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160201005

Cordless Sensor Networks: An Investigation Attitude Survey
L.Rahenna Parveen, V.Muhamadh Ansari
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160201006

Investigating a Functionalized Terthiophene Surface for the Detection of Progesterone making use of Surface Plasmon Resonance
C.Sriram, K.Ramnath
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160201007

Virtual Lab To Te ach Linux On Online
S.Arunkumar, J.Shivanandhan
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160201008

Pulmonary Lesion Boundary Detection from an Endobronchial Ultrasonogram Polar Sector optimum that is making use of strength
G.Aswathy Gangadharan, B.Anitha
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160201009

Cellular dimension that is thermal Dielectrophoresis while the Impedance Changing between Electrodes
R.Krishnamoorthy, E.Jalagandaeshwar
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602010010

Study On A udio Water Marking Methods
U.Swaminathan, G.Arulappan
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602010011

Electrophoresis Temperature Influence On the TiO2Thickness of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell
K.Shivanandhan , K.Karunakaran
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1602010012

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