The android application to create main aim of give a well understandable users friendly used by Indian fishermen in the border to find the appropriate path to reach the destination. One of the huge problems faced by Indian fisher man is being threatened by neighbor country coastal guards for crossing IMBL. This is of lack in information of location system. The application come with reliable solution for this problem and protects the Indian fisherman from dangerous situation and being crossing the maritime boundary and save their life and improve the safety of fisherman. This made possible by developing an application in Android Mobile OS. This is feed by mobile computing smart phone device. The application user the information smart phones. For positioning and give alert message and capture the last location to send from base stations, family and friends. keeping the lives of fisherman in mind, this system has been developed to help them not to move beyond Indian boundaries. This application to using fisherman at low cost & user friendly.

Keywordsó Android, GSM, smart phones, GPS, Google map. ;