E-Intelligent Hospice Automated System is an online intelligent portal for Health Care service providers. It grant the users/patients to fix appointment online for consulting doctors also it has the intelligent mechanism which lists the best doctor for the problem listed by the patient and it allows the patient always to choose the right doctor for his/her health issues. This project is applicable for two major fundamental of health care service centers as preserving the in-patient and out-patient details. The complete psychiatric history of the patient will be available online so that patients can easily approach their complete psychiatric history. Even the doctors can avail the full history of the patient before he meets them. This will help the doctors to diagnose the problem easier. It covers all the prescribed modules deserved from Patient Enrolling, Medicine details, Doctor, Wards, Admin, Store, Patient appointment, bill payment, record modification, discharge details etc.

Index Terms—Hospice, E-Intelligent, Medical History, HealthCare. ;