Android an open source operating system has become the most preferred one in recent years. We have many security issues in android application which is to be addressed. Any anonymous user can extract the source code of android application by reverse engineering technique [1] and can re-use one’s work they can also find the web services from the URL present inside the application and that they can get all the real time values from the server [2]. In our proposed concept we are going to secure the android application in maximum ways from the anonymous users. We develop our own appstore and launch all our application in it, where the user can install our application from our app store. Once the appstore is executed in users mobile, initially it will check for the root access privilege [11]. Once root privilege the users are verified the users will be prompted to register themselves, pay and make use of child applications. We retrieve few unique ids from the user and store it in database. Each of our child application, the main logic are executed from the server as web application logic, by which we will be able to secure our logic of the application also the child application will execute only if our app store is present. We also prevent privacy theft such as user authentication, black listing the users who misuse our application. To secure the web service URL’S, we encrypt the URL and decrypt it using the dynamic keys at the server point.

Keywords- Reverse engineering, root access, appstore, code obfuscation.