Everything is getting smarter day by day. From a landline phone to smartphone we have come a long way. So, we also came up with an idea to digitalise the question paper for-mation in schools and colleges. Quebsys ( QUEstion Bank management SYStem) is a web app having a friendly interface which helps the faculty to login with their unique ID and set a question paper per their need or leave on the app to make a question paper for them. Also, a very simple interface which enables the faculty to update question, delete question or even change a question without hectic coding or mind workout. This system reduces the communication gap between the faculties and the students , following which it helps students to ask question separately. Also Quebsys has an AI bot which which will not only read the scanned printed question banks but will also be able to read or understand the scanned hand written question papers. This will make it easier to store questions in the database rather than typing.

Keywords: question paper generation; paperless; auto-mation; randomisation ; shuffling algorithm ; complexity ; information communication technology. component; formatting; style; styling; insert (key words);